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Training Over the Break: At Home Workouts To Keep Fit

(Image via BuzzFeed)

Eagles, semester break is around the corner and without training it can be difficult to make a work out plan and stick to it but have no fear, we’re here to help. Below are some work outs you can easily do at home over the holidays.

Cardio workout: over time improves the respiratory system, making it easier to not run out of breath during the routine. Start by jogging around the block. It’s a good warm up for the rest of the work out.

Strength: strengthening muscles in the arms and legs can be achieved by doing exercises like push ups, squats and lunges. This will help to perform stunts with ease and assist with tumble skills as well.

Core: strengthening the core will especially help if you’re a flyer, to stay tight in the air. Try to do planks, sit ups and v-snaps. Remember, strong core equals good balance. And don’t forget to stretch.

Do these three days a week, alternating between the different types of training.

Pro tip: Exercise while you watch TV. Make a game out of it, when a character says their catch phrase, do 20 sit ups.

Have fun and stay fit!

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