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Mastering Your Mind: How To Ditch the Mind Block and Achieve New Skills

Mind blocks is an inability to perform a skill based on an uncontrollable or irrational fear. They can stop you from doing your best in tumble and stunts and take time to gradually move forward from, below are some tips to help overcome them:

Do not give up: even if you fall 100 times in a row, pick yourself up and try again. Practise is key so keep pushing to attempt the skill and familiarise your body with shapes and techniques you need to master.

Push past irritation: it can be frustrating to do the same thing repeatedly and feel like you are getting nowhere, but getting upset does nothing to help. When frustration kicks in take a breather, drink some water and calm yourself down. Trust that you will get it eventually and that there is no use in feeling this way.

Ask for help and spots if you need them: your coaches are there to help you improve, listen to their reinforcement and take criticisms with an open mind. Remember that a coach always has your safety as their priority, and would never ask you to do a skill that would put you in danger.

Do not compare yourself to others: everyone is on different levels and trying different skills. Set a goal for yourself and focus on what you are doing.

Eagles are resilient, strong, and leaders of the pack, always keep this attitude in mind!

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