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Collegiate cheerleading involves the immersion of school spirit with high level physical ability, forming a high-paced and fun-filled routine. Including the acrobatic building of stunting, gymnastic ability of tumbling, and audience motivation of chanting, cheerleading is a sport that can be tailored for any athletic ability to create an entertaining and competitive routine.

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2023 Teams

2023 teams


Combined beginner and novice team.

This team will compete as Level 1/2NT.

This team will focus on the foundations of cheerleading and set athletes up for Level 3 and beyond. 

Level 1/2


A combined team of Intermediate athletes. 

This team will most likely compete as a Level 3/4 Team. 

This team will focus on conditioning, strong technique and tumble. 

Level 3/4

Stunt Groups

Athletes may be selected from their competitive teams to compete in an individual stunt group division.

Groups will choreograph their own routine under the supervisionand guidance of our coaches.





Stunt Groups

2023 Training Schedule

2023 training Schedule

Level 1/2

Monday Night 8pm-10.30pm

(2.5 hrs)

Wednesday Night 8.30pm-10pm (1.5 hrs)

Tumble: Run during

monday training

Level 3/4

Monday Night 6.30pm-9pm

(2.5 hrs)

Wednesday Night 9pm-10.30pm (1.5 hrs)

Tumble: Run during

monday training

Stunt Groups

TBC: Register your interest at

All of our cheer trainings are held at Atomic All-Stars in Thomastown

Development level 5/6 squads are available, register your interest at tryouts.

The varsity squad is invite only and is majority existing LTUCD athletes and alumni on competitive teams

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