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Dance is an artistic sport that combines sound and movement to tell a story or show an emotion. It combines strength, musicality, flexibility, coordination, style and story telling all in one. 

The LTU Dance Program is a fun and supportive environment for all dancers of all abilities. Our club offers four collegiate styles of dance, as well as a compulsory technique class.

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Styles Of Dance

styles of dance

Pom is centred on the use of pom poms to create visual effects and highlight team synchronisation.

It is fast-paced, athletic, and incorporates skills including turns, jumps, and strong motion placement to portray collegiate dance technique.


Jazz includes a focus on team synchronisation, transitions and technique whilst portraying a contemporary feel and portrayal of emotion.


Routines consist of dance skill elements including leaps, turn sequences and jumps.


Lyrical is a style of dance that combines aspects of ballet and jazz.


In this style of dance there is a strong focus on portraying emotion through movements and the choice of music.


Competitive hip hop consists of a wide range of styles including breaking, locking and popping as well as tricks/lifts, fitness and strength.


Energetic and unique routines are designed to teach confidence and strength through performance.

2019 Training Schedule

2023 training Schedule

The HipHop and Pom teams will train at Latrobe University Bundoora in the Zen Den in 2023


The Jazz and Lyrical teams will train at Atomic All-Stars in 2023

Hip Hop

Monday Night




Monday Night

7pm-8pm (1hr)


Tuesday Night




Tuesday Night

8.30pm- 9.30pm (1hr)

Dance Duos



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