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Time Management: Balancing life as a student and athlete.

Throughout the year students across the country are knuckling down and putting in as much study as possible to prepare for assignments, test, and exams. This may all come to a peak at exam time, however finding the right balance between study and sport during the semester can make all of the difference.

Life as both a student and an athlete can be challenging, and it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to manage and maintain a healthy balance between the two.

Many have experienced the all-nighters of doing assignments, studying until you feel as though the facts are coming out of your ears, and the stress that surrounds exam period. However, being a student and partaking in sporting commitments in spare time means that getting organised and prioritising tasks is key.

The points below when implemented can help manage time to succeed in both studies and sport, recommended to anyone who feels as though they need a little bit of an extra push towards reaching their healthy sport-study balance.

Grab yourself a diary or calendar to help you monitor and cross check all assignments and important study dates. Plan your time according to this. Known times are classes, training times, as well as travel to and from your place of study and sporting venue. Blocking this time on your calendar will ensure that your assignments and work is done on time.

As easy as it is to do it, do NOT procrastinate! By doing assignments as early as possible means that you then have time to use your weekends and spare time for whatever you please.

Introducing and implementing time saving tips into your life requires focus, but doing so can help your success in both your study and sporting goals.

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