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Leading Your Team Into Competition

As the second half of the year approaches it is time to mentally prepare for bigger competitions. It's time to put your game face on!

1. Prepare yourself. Know your routine inside out. The music and the crowd will be louder than it has ever been before. When you practise full-out, practise counting for your teammates. It's a great way to build up your endurance for a jam-packed routine and will keep your whole team in sync. Stay humble, confident and focused. If you are a senior athlete who has experienced the large competition stage remember to lead by example. If you look disconnected, intimidated or distracted from the team, others will follow. Keep your chin up and be confident in your skills.

2. Prepare your stunt group. Keep the counts slow in your mind and remember to stay calm and positive. Each move requires everyone to be 100% focused. Don't let one fall in warm-up create a domino effect, learn from it and let go, build yourselves back up with encouragement and confidence. Don't let nervous energy get in the way of your technique. When nervous we tend to rush our technique and rely on strength, but sound technique is what will make all of your stunts or moves hit and set your team apart from the competition.

3. Prepare your team. Beforehand write down a list of every item your team could possibly need for the competition. Then, get together with other team members and make a "competition survival kit". Win or lose, you need to be poised and positive for the rest of your team. Demonstrate confidence and excitement walking on and off the floor. Remember to build your teammates up at every practise, warm-up, and performance. You have come a long way since the beginning of the season and now is the perfect time to show off the skills you have worked so hard for.

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