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How To: Apply Cheerleading and Dance Skills To Your Resume?!

Believe it or not, cheerleaders and dancers have plenty of skills that are perfect assets to the workplace! If you are coming to the end of your cheerleading career and looking to join the workforce you have more experience than you may realise.

You're high energy. Even if it takes carb-loading a good night's sleep to prepare, you know how to manage your energy. High energy and a positive attitude are not only necessary but expected in most workplaces. Whilst others may lag behind, you'll be on the front line, ready to tackle any project thrown at you at the height of productivity.

You're dedicated to perfection. As a cheerleader or dancer you have worked tirelessly at skills and routines until they are perfect, and then you work some more. You understand the importance of having things right, and when a job description states that a company needs someone with an eye for detail, that's you.

You're innovative. In a competitive environment, we not only need to hit our skills to win but be entertaining in the process. Your competitive spirit amps up your creativity and innovation to make sure that your work stands out from the crowd, a skill your employers will look for when they have competitors to outshine!

You communicate well with a team. Team sports are the basis of all that we do, and you need to be able to communicate to your teammates and be sure that everyone is doing their job to make your performance successful. Bonding and trust are very important, as well as active listening, quickly responding and adapting to change.

You've been doing that for a long time now, and it's time to show it off!

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