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How To: Repair Your Body After a Workout

Getting back into training and regular workouts can be difficult on your body, and learning how to rest and let your body repair itself is extremely important to avoid injury. Here are some tips on how to rest and repair yourself effectively after a hard training session:


It may sound obvious, but sleep is the time the body uses to restore itself. Staying out late and skipping out on vital hours of sleep can cause you to feel mentally exhausted and poorly impact your motivation to push yourself physically.


During major assignments and exams, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, and stress can be inevitable. This stress can impact physical recovery from workouts when exhaustion builds. Prepare yourself accordingly so that there is the time in your schedule dedicated to working out efficiently and recovery time.

Active recovery

Light cardio exercises, such as walking around the block to cool down will improve blood circulation to your muscles. Effective cooldowns such as this will help to relieve muscle soreness in the following days.


Sufficient time between workouts is needed to allow your body to rest, and returning to intense exercise prematurely can increase the risk of injury. Try eating potassium-rich foods and always remember to stay hydrated to allow for maximum recovery in between training sessions.

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